How do we do it all? ( Or at least pretend to)

Hi Fellow Mums,

I am an on- and -off working mum. What does that mean? It means since I have had my first kid( and second one later), I have been working(in corporate sense, of course, otherwise every mum is double-the- full -time – I- wish- I -had- some- rest- working!) full time, part time, on a break, back to work, on flexi hours – all the hoopla.

While going through the cycle, I really wanted to know how some mums manage to keep it all together? How did they manage to work while they were in a family way? How did the cope with the early days of baby and the pressure of a highly demanding full time job? How do mums of two children cope? I have been intrigued all through.. Still struggling to find my balance.

Of course, the usual comes to mind- be organized, create to-do lists, plan in advance, learn to let go. But what about the everyday little things? Like your child feeling blue because you have to work late couple of weeks in a row? Or coping with work day after your little one kept you awake all night due to stuffy nose? Or your support system falling through? How to keep it together?

I wish we mums share it together here, and create a platform where we can encourage and help each other in this journey. Mums who have been able to do it all, tell us your story. Mums who are still finding the right answer, share as well! We will figure it out together!

Look forward to hearing soon 🙂




2 thoughts on “How do we do it all? ( Or at least pretend to)

  1. Having a support system is very very crucial. It isn’t possible to do it all. And neither one should aspire to. We should speak out and ask for support.

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