Dancing with Her Tiger Stripes!

It had been 4 years since the birth of her daughter, but Amaira still wasn’t sure she wanted to do this.

She still remembered the day when she got back from the hospital after delivering her baby. Pregnancy had been a roller coaster journey with its ups and downs…from the ecstatic feeling of finding out that she was pregnant to experiencing constant fatigue and morning sickness in the first trimester…from the moments of doubts whether she will be a good parent to enjoying the attention of hubby fussing around her… discomfort of the baby pressing on her bladder in third trimester, but being able to gorge guilt free on her favourite delicacies. She loved her round smooth tummy, and the fact that she was going to be instrumental in bringing a new soul into the world. She was discovering more about the wonders her body was capable of as each day passed.

But now, post the delivery, she felt a bit…empty. The beautiful baby was here, in her arms to hold. But her tummy… it was like a badly deflated balloon now. In all the hullaballoo of baby coming, nobody had told her about the changes her body, and her mind will go through post-delivery. She just hadn’t imagined it like this, and was finding it very difficult to come to terms with it. She remembered walking into the bathroom with its magnificent mirror… The mirror where she used to admire her bump and her pregnancy glow… now she was just stood staring at a badly shaped tummy with dark skin and ugly purple stretch marks all over. And tears began to flow… it was all too much to handle… the difficult childbirth, sleepless nights, and now this. Her once flat smooth skinned tummy was now unimaginably scarred. Her hubby heard her sobs, and came in. He comforted her, ‘Hey, you just went through miracle of birth. These will fade with time. Look at our adorable baby! I just can’t thank you enough’ he said, and hugged her.

It had been four years since… her baby was now a delightful young child. She had tried innumerable creams and potions, but the marks did not fade away. She gave up wearing her crop tops and sarees, she felt too self-conscious about her marks showing.

But today was her sister’s wedding. She took out her gorgeous golden saree which her sister had so lovingly purchased for her. ‘C’mon Di! It’s been ages since you wore one! You used to love wearing sarees! You look so graceful in them.’

Today she decided to give up her bashfulness. Today she decided to wear her tiger stripes proudly. Today she decided she didn’t feel the need to hide them anymore. They were proof of the fact that she brought a wonderful life into this world. Today she danced with gay abandon wearing her shimmering saree at her sister’s wedding! Coz today the tigress had arrived!

2 thoughts on “Dancing with Her Tiger Stripes!

  1. You are a good story teller! Giving birth to a life is a heavenly feeling. But after childbirth, the new mothers are left behind with marks that somehow scars their beauty very often. And believe me, these stretch marks don’t leave their effects easily. If you’re a saree wearer, the struggles are even big. These stretch marks are clearly visible in saree. But you don’t need to stress about them much, birthing is much bigger than these strips.

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    1. Thanks so much dear! Not just the physical marks… it’s the psychological effect of feeling ugly or unwanted I feel which hurts more… childbirth brings with it many physical and emotional changes, stretch marks being a small one of them.. but as you said, birthing and being a parent is much bigger than that!


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