The Little Girl Who Healed Herself

The Little Girl Who Healed Herself

Once upon a time, there was a lovely little girl named Ava who loved the Sun, the Stars, the Trees and the Breeze.

On the way to her school, she would talk to the bushes alongside the road, asking them how their day was, if they saw anything interesting and would tell them all about her dreams last night. She loved them dearly, and they loved her right back.

When she got some sniffles on a rainy day, the Holy Basil said to her, ‘Here, have a few of my leaves. You’ll be alright, don’t worry.’

The little girl smiled, chewed on a few leaves slowly, letting the nectar soothe her throat, and thanked the Holy Basil for healing her cold.

On a really hot day, the Mango tree would invite her, ‘Come, sit in my shade.’

The little girl smiled, and sat under the tree, while the cool breeze lulled her into deep sleep.

Then one day, something unexpected happened.

The little girl was playing in her school. A little boy accidently pushed her.

She fell over the rocky pebbles, hurting her knee, her elbow and her feelings, a little bit.

‘Are you alright?’ asked the Breeze.

‘No! I am not!’ she replied teary-eyed. ‘I didn’t hurt him! Why did he hurt me?’ she asked angrily.

‘Shush, my dear,’ said the Breeze gently. ‘It’s all going to be ok.’

‘Sometimes unforeseen things happen. But we mustn’t get too disheartened.’

‘Why don’t we ask the Sun for help?’ said the Breeze.

‘How can he help me?’ asked the little girl feeling a bit anguished.

The Breeze smiled. ‘It’s a secret,’ she whispered.

‘Open your arms, breathe deeply and ask the Sun to heal you. I will be by your side, I promise.’

‘That really does not seem possible’, exclaimed the little girl. ‘Why are you teasing me?’

‘Have a little faith my dear’ smiled the Breeze. ‘Just give it a try’ she nudged gently.

The little girl was reluctant, but the Breeze had been her very best friend, bringing her scents of lands faraway, on nights she felt lonely.

And so she opened her arms, palms out wide, took a deep, deep breath right into her belly, and asked the Sun,

‘Could you help me heal please?’

‘I thought you’d never ask’ smiled the Sun warmly. ‘You are such a lovely little girl’.

She closed her eyes, the Breeze embraced her softly and she felt calmer already.

The Bushes bristled and whispered, ‘We’ll help you too. We love you!’

And then, the Sun opened his eyes and showered his golden white light on the little girl’s bruises- her knee, her elbow, and her heart filled with hurt feelings.

She felt white healing light all around her. ‘Is this how a God’s hug feels?’ she wondered.

Soon her elbow hurt a little lesser, her knee felt better too.

But above all, she felt her heart began to heal. It didn’t hurt so much anymore, she wasn’t feeling so angry. She forgave the little boy for what he had done.

‘You’ll be alright soon, my dear’, said her friends – the Sun, the Breeze and the Bushes.

She smiled brightly and said, ‘I feel fine now!’

She dusted her dress, got up and ran along to play. Looking back over her shoulder, she shouted, ‘Thank you Sun, Breeze and Bushes! You are my best friends forever!’

And in her heart, she now knew, whenever she got hurt, the Sun, the Breeze and the Bushes were always there to help her heal.


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