The Little Girl Who Lulled Herself to Sleep

Once upon a time, there was a lovely little girl named Ava. Ava was now growing up, and she enjoyed doing her chores on her own. She had been told that she would soon sleep in her own bed, in a separate bedroom. Mother and father had gotten a beautiful bed made especially for her. It was lavender and white, and decorated with stars all over. It was so pretty that she clapped her hands in glee the first time she saw it.

Ava was going to sleep in her bed for the first time tonight. The excitement of sleeping in her pretty bed had made her forget that her mother would not be around at night on the same bed to comfort her. There were times at night when she would still wake up, hold her mother’s hand or stroke her mother’s cheek, and go right back to sleep.

Mother told her a lovely bedtime story, cuddled her and kissed her goodnight. Tucking her in bed, she reassured Ava that she was just in the next room, and Ava could come to her any time she felt scared. Now that her mother had put her to bed and left, she did feel a bit lonely. She didn’t want to go to her mother just yet, as she wanted to show that she was a big girl now. And didn’t her best friend sleep all by herself too?

A gentle breeze was blowing through the window caressing Ava’s hair, and silvery blue moonlight was seeping in. As Ava felt the moonlight on her face, she felt as if the Moon was looking at her.

 ‘Are you smiling at me?’ Ava asked the Moon.

‘I sure am,’ said the Moon in his gentle, deep voice.

‘Uh…I am sleeping without my mother for the first time. I am feeling a bit scared and lonely. Can you help me fall asleep?’ asked Ava.

‘I thought you’d never ask’ said the Moon, his voice like a soothing rivulet. ‘I help children all over the world fall asleep.’

As a silvery blue moonbeam touched her face, Ava felt that Moon had floated down, and was now at her bedside, and she no longer felt she was alone. She gently closed her eyes, started to fall asleep.

Just as Ava was drifting off to her land of dreams, the Moon whispered in her ears, ‘Ava, you are a loved and blessed child. Always be happy and healthy. You have the Sun, the Stars, the Trees, the Breeze, and me as your friends, forever. I will be watching your dreams every night, helping you attain your heart’s true desire.’

And with this magical blessing, Ava drifted off into deep peaceful sleep with a serene smile on her face, and in her heart, she now knew, that the Moon, and its magic, would always be there for her.



16 thoughts on “The Little Girl Who Lulled Herself to Sleep

    1. Thanks so much dear 😊 yes… sleeping alone for the first time is scary for most kids… had penned this one when I started making my elder one sleep independently:) She loves it… and hope some other kids would enjoy listening to it or reading it too 🙂

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  1. Aww Surbhi this made me really emotional! I know the first time is always difficult for child and parent’s as well… loved the way you have expressed it as a conversation between moon and Ava… Hugs!

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    1. Thanks so much Surabhi:) yes… sleeping alone is an important part of children becoming independent, but sometimes we forget how scary it could be initially for the child…hence penned this one:) Hope some child, somewhere would sleep peacefully, with a smile on her face, after listening to it at bedtime:)


  2. Hi Surabhi, what a beautiful piece of work.I just loved the way you have made the child enjoy her individuality.Even for parents, its a very good way and a guide of gradually making up children’s mind to move ahead all by themselves…..Kudos to your creativity

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment Shivani! Means so much to me! Yes, the entire reason behind the story was to encourage independence in children… and to understand from a child’s point of view how a simple process like moving to a bed of their own would feel. Also, to address their fears in childlike story form, which makes it easier for them to comprehend and follow… my elder one would imagine the Moon talking to her after this story, and happily drift off to sleep 😴


    1. Thanks so much dear 😊 Always glad to hear comments from parents, I really hope your daughter likes the story… do let me know! Kids feedback matters most to me!! Kids fiction is close to my heart being mum of two daughters myself!


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