Summer break with Grandparents

This summer vacation was unique. Usually, we would visit my parents in Dussehra break as weather is better where they live at that time of the year. But this break, my parents were coming with us for the annual summer trip, and kids were super excited about it. Post the trip, they had extended their stay to be with us for a while, and kids couldn’t ask for more.

As I sat sipping my evening tea on the last day of their visit, I realised that the time had literally flown this summer with them around. The kids had such a blast, being pampered crazy by Grandpa and Grandma, indulging in all their whims and fancies. Grandma had her hair braided and accessorized umpteen times. Grandpa’s hand was tattooed and stickered till he resembled a rockstar. I realised how much more relaxed and indulgent they were now as compared to when they were as parents. Here’s why time with grandparents is so precious for the kids:

  1. They bring the best gifts: Gifts from grandparents are the best always. Kids cherish them so much. Sparkly bangles which mum won’t buy, pretty dresses for their dolls, finger paints, silver glasses for the princesses, and gorgeous frocks stitched lovingly by grandma herself. Travel diaries gifted by grandpa were diligently written (and scribbled by the lil one) into throughout the trip. My girls literally showed off their gifts (and are still doing so!) to anyone who came home!
  2. They can indulge the kids in all the fun stuff: Grandparents don’t have to make them brush their teeth, finish their vegetables, or sleep in time. Just the fun stuff like telling them endless(read: embarrassing) stories of my brother’s childhood and mine, nature walk collecting sticks and leaves in the park, lying all afternoon laughing over silly stuff, singing songs over karaoke, spending afternoons dancing indoors coz it was too hot to venture outside, the list is never-ending.
  3. They have all the time: Grandparents are not in rush to complete the routine tasks. They literally have the time to stop and smell the roses. My daughter told me the other day that my mum would actually collect different leaves and flowers when out with her in the park, feel them, smell them and sometimes even make a garland with them for the girls. Grandpa taught her how to trace beautiful drawings, grandma taught how to sew a button, things which I would never have the time to do. They always had to time to listen to the kids tell them just one more thing before bedtime, tell them that one more story, give them five extra minutes of play time.
  4. They know how to tell it best: My kids actually listened when grandparents told them something which must be done! This came as quite a surprise as I go half-crazy asking them to wash their hands before meals or going to the washroom before stepping out of the house. I realised that this was probably because they weren’t giving them too many instructions the whole day. Their wishes were mostly indulged in, so when sometimes grandparents asked them to do something, mostly very patiently with logic explained in a way which their kiddy brains could fathom, the kids willingly obliged, only to be the most favourite grandkid!
  5. They are the best caregivers: This vacation my husband and I finally got some time on our own when the kids were with grandparents. Kids were happy as they got their way, and we were relaxed as we knew the kids were in great hands. Hugs and kisses were showered in plenty, and all of us had a fabulous time.

At the end of summer break, I realised how blessed the children were to have their grandparents by their side in good health, and how grateful I was for their presence. The vacation ended leaving us all refreshed and reenergised for the year ahead, and with abundance of memories to cherish.

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