I will be home, I promise…

‘I will be home, honey. I promise’, said Ronit as Ria sulked.

‘How can you do this to me Ronit? And today? Doesn’t the day mean anything to you? Why is it just me putting an extra effort for our special days? She grumbled.

It was the first anniversary of their wedding, and he wasn’t even home.

‘You always prioritise work over me. Swear on me? You will be home by dinner?’ she continued sulking.

‘Swear on you, baba’, Ronit said indulgently.

‘Dekh lo, I will die if you aren’t home in time.’

‘Ok dear, enough emotional blackmail. Let me work now, else how will I make it in time?’, said Ronit.

Ria prepared the whole day for the evening- her pampering spa appointment, the gifts all wrapped prettily, flowers in the vase, scented candles in the bedroom, heart shaped balloons on the entrance, and romantic music in the background. Both she, and the house looked ravishing in the evening.

‘Ding-dong’, the bell rang exactly at 7:30 p.m., and Ronit walked in.

‘See, I am in time, as promised. Happy Anniversary, my love. Will freshen up quickly to go to our favourite place in town.’

Ria was over the moon… this evening would be perfect, she thought, as she admired herself in the mirror. Her dress, her make-up, her perfume… it was all done just the way he loved it.

‘Tring-tring’, her phone rang. She ignored it, the first two times. Who is it now? She muttered irritated. She was in no mood for credit card calls.

‘MMMa’am, this is Ronit Sir’s assistant. Unfortunately, there has been an accident on the Jaipur-Delhi highway. Truck collided into a speeding car. There were no survivors. Ronit Sir couldn’t make it, Ma’am….. I am so so sorry.’

Somewhere in the bedroom, the bathroom shower turned on.

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