Timeless Love…

Aayi wandered in crowded street, walking aimlessly. She did not remember leaving home. She had almost broken down crying, when she felt a familiar touch on her shoulder. ‘Where did you go leaving me, love?’ asked Baba. Aayi was overwhelmed, and hugged him tight. ‘Why do you let me go alone?’ ‘Sorry, never again’, promised Baba. Ever since Alzheimer hit Aayi, this was the tenth time she had ventured out alone. Finding her was maddening, but Baba refused to send her to Hospital. ‘I will take care of her’, he said, ‘At least, till she no longer remembers my touch.’

2 thoughts on “Timeless Love…

  1. Gently does it. Exactly my situation. Love for my mother doesn’t allow me to let go. Beautifully worded with a lot of compassion.
    More power to you and your writing.

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