Tedium of life had taken over… well into their late 40s, Shalini and Shubham were busy with their chores and careers. Shubham, a high-flying executive, travelled majority period of the month. Shalini, a self-made entrepreneur, submerged herself in her work, so that she could no longer feel Shubham’s absence around anymore. The few and far-between moments together were shared among quality time with kids, extended family and friends, and work-place networking.

Today was a particularly taxing day, work was maddening for both since morning, and evening was spent socializing at a work-event. Tired, spent and drained after hours of plastic smiles, and fake conversations, a bone-tired Shalini tried to unhook the zipper of her designer red dress…only to find it stuck!

Simply wanting to throw herself on the bed after a freaking long day, she cursed under her breath and tried again, but it was of no avail. Swearing to sue the high-end fashion designer, she called out to Shubham in frustration, asking for assistance in undoing the zipper, a task usually accomplished by her daughter. Shubham came into the bedroom, distracted by constantly pinging notifications on his smartphone, and while trying to undo the zipper, one eye still glued to his phone, his fingers accidently lightly caressed her back.

Eyes locked, breath deepened, desires stirred, and years of longing was swept away with a gentle tug and tear…..

7 thoughts on “Unzip….Love???

  1. You won my heart today! I like such fiction pieces -small and bang on climax. Are you writing more, if not you should.

    I loved the lines – Eyes locked, breath deepened, desires stirred, and years of longing was swept away with a gentle tug and tear…..

    I seriously feel you should try erotica too. Think about it.

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  2. You are a great writer. I love your writing style which is so engaging. Your story conveys the reality of marriage in current times. Well written! How about a full story? or a series?

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  3. Woah, this is such a beautiful story! I love how you’ve kept it short and crisp, never once allowing anyone lose interest.
    You’ve captured the emotions of a working couple so well. We’ve all gotten so engrossed with our lives that we hardly have time for eachother!

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    1. Thanks so much Tamanna! Yes… somewhere in the daily grind of life, we forget to take time out for our partners… and it’s not the big things right? Just a brush of hand, wink between putting children to bed, hug from behind when cooking a meal…. that’s all it takes 🙂


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