He Always Protected Her….

‘She is pregnant again??!! Ask her to abort it! Must be a girl again!’ scowled Rani’s mother-in-law.

Already a mother of 2 girls, Rani shuddered inside, thinking about the fate of her unborn.

The ultrasound scan in evening at a dark illegal clinic revealed twins- a girl, and a boy…both intertwined by the umbilical cord, and terminating one would mean the end of the other as well.

That day, her brother protected her from getting killed even before getting a chance to live. They were meant to be joined by blood, from womb to tomb. Their souls were bound together by Bandhan of Raksha…

*This post won the #100WordStory contest on RakshaBandhan on Momspresso.com

17 thoughts on “He Always Protected Her….

  1. Amazing lines. Shows the poor mind of some in-humans. Loved the way the it ended, a brother saves his cute sister… no, not once. That was just the beginning.

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    1. Thank you so so much for this! You have no idea how much this means to me, coming from a writer like you! You are an inspiration for many like us..Humbled and honoured.. you will see more microblogs to come 🙂


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