Justice isn’t always blind…

IPS Officer Nair signed the orders for probe into Union Minister of Agriculture, a man most people would dare not speak against, much less investigate. He was known to be powerful and perilous.

‘This could potentially be your last probe,’ warned the colleagues.

‘Why do you have to do these things?’ pleaded the family members.

He was arrested late in the evening, the very same day.

‘Who ordered this?’ he bellowed red-faced, ‘I will not let that person live for long!’

Newspaper headlines read the next day ‘Wife IPS Officer Orders Probe on Husband, Minister of Agriculture. Corrupt Minister Finally Arrested.’

*This story won #100WordStory of the Day on Momspresso.

16 thoughts on “Justice isn’t always blind…

  1. If only women take charge, against wrong in their own circle or even family, the world would be a different and a much better place. #LiveItYoungReads #MyFriendAlexa

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