The mom in me swells with pride when I read this poem composed by my 8 year old daughter… makes me feel blessed.. along the journey of parenthood, where I must have made multiple mistakes, I guess I did something right…

But when did my lil darling, my first born, the apple of my eye, grow up so much? Don’t grow up so fast, my bacha… I miss you being my baby…

Here is her composition…

Love is good for you! It warms your heart,

Yes, love gets you to a great start.

You’ll find yourself smiling, if love you learn;

Happiness, joy and contentment you’ll earn.

Love yourself above all,

Rich or poor’s not important at all.

Inside your heart, you’ll find life’s true measure;

You’ll discover love is your greatest treasure.

If you love the world and those around you,

You’ll find that friends surround too!

Give them your trust,

Respect their feelings,

You’ll see love can do all kinds of healings.

Even a small insect should be respected,

All’s worth love nothing to be neglected.

Love is good for you!


Composed by Aisha Narwal

42 thoughts on “LOVE IS GOOD FOR YOU…

  1. Surbhi, such a lovely poem, has come straight from the heart of your beautiful child. This speaks volume about her thoughts and her ability to play with words and place the complexity of emotions in such balance, signs of maturity and she is power house of talent, it is time for you to nurture this hidden potential of her. And as a parent nothing can be more joyful then seeing the voice of our child discovering the ways to explore the world with words and making a difference…

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  2. So beautiful and pure. You are indeed lucky to have Aisha as your daughter. I know what you must have felt. My daughter is my treasure too. She is 6 but her creativity is beyond her age. Truly blessed to have her. #surreads #myfriendalexa #blogchatter

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  3. Ahem! Ahem! Is it time to have another separate blog for the budding poet we have. Head over heels in love with the poem. It is beautifully worded and right metered.
    However, the outstanding point is the message she gives with her poem. Much needed in today’s world.
    Dear you are definitely doing the right things as a parent for her to cultivate such thoughts. 🤗 God bless you both and Ani too

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    1. Thanks so so much dear! I think so… I will soon need to create her blog too 🙂 Right now, doing my best to encourage the good old pen n paper 🙂
      The maturity of message amazed me too…now I know what my dreamer is thinking when lost in her day dreams! Grateful for your love and abundant blessings!


  4. Hats off to your kid and to you too. She has worldly knowledge that you should be proud of. Contentment, even insects need to be respected and love heals everything – such a profound wise words from a little girl. Kudos to her. Sure, Love is good for her and for all. A big bear hug to her!

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  5. It is so so beautiful and had tears in my eyes thinking about my kids that how fast they grow and wish to hold them and their achievements forever.

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