Judge Me Not, Sister…

‘What a bitch!’ thought the mum of three, adjusting her crumpled dupatta haphazardly, trying despairingly to discipline her children, as she gave her slim, well-groomed neighbour entering the lift, a head-to-toe sideways glance, and flashed her a plastic smile. ‘She must think I look so frumpy’, she sighed
‘What a bitch!’ thought the smart-looking woman, returning the forced smile. ‘She must be speculating and gossiping how I don’t have kids after 8 years of marriage’, scorned the pretty neighbour inside.
Little did the each know, the former had been forced into one unwanted pregnancy after the other, for want of a son.
The later bore pain of aborting one pregnancy after the other, as her husband did not want a child ruining the fun.
A coffee, a conversation, no shun….isn’t that all we need hun?

61 thoughts on “Judge Me Not, Sister…

    1. Absolutely agree…and I have seen we women do it more… as if there aren’t enough things already for women to worry about! World would be a better place if women build each other up, isn’t it?


    1. Thanks so much Ramya… your compliment means the world to me! You just made all the sleepless nights, writing after putting my kids to bed, worth it..heartfelt gratitude for making it all feel purposeful 🙏


  1. Very well written. Brief, yet easily brings out exactly what you intend to convey. It’s true, we never know anyone else’s hidden demons so its best not to judge. And worse is when women judge each other.

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  2. I must say of all the “SHorts” I have read today, I loved yours a lot. Not only because it is so well-written but also because you talked about a topic anyone hardly touches! Everyone needs to sit down, have a coffee, and talk instead of judging ❤

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  3. Very correct. Half of the energy is wasted on judging people. And yes it is women who mostly does that.

    All what we need is to remain happy in life. Happy people never judge !! ☺️ They just stay happy ❤️

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    1. And not consciously always… just the way we are conditioned since birth by society… don’t cry like a girl… that’s not a man’s job… girls wear pink n purple… we can’t even fathom! If only we could break the mould!


  4. Crisp and to the point! this happens many times in our lives. I myself have felt it when I used to think people are noticing something that is inappropriate in me but later on, I got to know that they hadn’t even noticed it.

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  5. A hard hitting reality…we often tend to judge others without even caring to know their story. What we all need is a little empathy and time for a conversation.
    Well written! 🙂

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