Beauty lies in the eyes of….

Ohhhhhh…!! Gasped the onlookers, looking at the newborn…

The depressed face of the husband, the sideward glances from the friends, the tch-tch sounds from the in-laws, the sympathetic looks from the nurses, and a pat on the shoulder with a clenched jaw from the doctor said it all.

But the love seeped in a mother’s heart, can anyone fathom its call?

As she gazed deep into the eyes of her newborn with a cleft lip and deformed face, she thought, ‘What a Beauty, my baby, my oddball?’…………

‘Could I have asked for more, after all?’

33 thoughts on “Beauty lies in the eyes of….

    1. If she is a girl child, she is pretty much doomed no? First a girl, and then the cleft lip!! Ab kaun shaadi karega???!!! Hum kisse muh dikhaenge! I can almost hear the conversations in the delivery room… And sometimes, even the mother does not accept the girl child… else why would there be so many under-confident girls.. hiding under their own insecurity.. don’t you think?

      Thanks for making me think 🙂 Your comments always leave me with more fodder for thought!


  1. You made me cry Surbhi, that moment when mom takes the baby in her arms for the first time. It is the most precious moment. And a mom never sees her baby negatively. Beautiful baby.

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    1. Aww… thank you dear! That comment just made my day so special… hope to touch many more like this, and may people see beyond the physical appearances. Not just the mother. It would help so much in social acceptance of children born with deformities… what is their fault?


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