Rainbow Outside The Window…

Suhana could hear her heart thumping in her chest… she was almost nauseous with anxiety.

Her thoughts drifted back to memories from fifteen years back…. that sideways glance from her, that shy smile, that laughter which removed all gloom in any room…

How she had approached Suhana on the last day of college… Hesitatingly confessing her love…

And how Suhana had shunned her… Shattering her sentiment to pieces…Being such a coward!

‘B-but… I always thought you loved me too! I have seen it in your eyes!’ she had said teary eyed.

‘Of course not! How could you even think of it? It’s a crime! It’s against my faith! Disgusting!’ Suhana had replied, spewing venom.

As her love walked away with a heavy heart, tears flowing freely down her cheeks, a part of Suhana left with her.

She could never confess how much she loved her…. She was too afraid…

What will people think? Oh God, my parents would die! And my brother? He would kill me! My friends… they would all laugh at me! And all the sleazebags in the society… how will Saniya and I keep them away! Lesbians become objects of lure and desire for most lechers!

But today, all that seemed history. Today, the law had validated her love. Today after years of killing her real self inside, she wanted to break free. Today she wanted to meet her love, finally.

Today, sitting at the edge of the train seat, she saw a Rainbow Outside The Window.

16 thoughts on “Rainbow Outside The Window…

  1. It’s beautiful, sad part is she had to wait for so long to move out of the closet. She had to feel break free only when things are approved on paper.

    There are many such real-life stories, some are ignored, some are never understood. Such things are forever going to be complicated, not only in our society but also in the chaos of our respective minds.
    I am glad some lovers have got the legal approval now.

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  2. If you choose from your heart who you express love with, it will never be unnatural or inferior, yet in this world it has been viewed this way by many for a very long time; even today it is still seen as totally unacceptable by some. Being in a same sex relationship has the potential to evolve personal growth just as any other relationship does. We do not need to attach the label of gay and lesbian or the connotations this may bring, as these labels do not define whether there is love in a relationship or not; that is a choice made by two individuals. In fact, doesn’t love give us a sense that we can connect way beyond the boundaries of our physical bodies and what we physically represent? It is possible that the love between two people can transcend way beyond an attachment to gender or sexuality.

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  3. Lovely piece. It’s sad how our society has been treating people just for being who they are naturally. How can a consensual relationship be a crime. Even with this new ammedment I don’t know how many people would still be forced to suppress their feelings lest they bring shame to their family.

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    1. That’s true… approval by law still won’t change mindsets.. but at least the relationship will just be frowned upon, not land two people who love each other in jail! Hopefully, slowly social acceptance will come too…


  4. The 377 section, such a landmark judgment and striking off something of the statute book that has been behind us for such long time and 150 plus years not small time in a society’s journey. The broken heart of Saniya and so many such poignant stories are tucked in the closest, and they will all come out tumbling and many have started coming. It is not just few years, it has been decades in many cases and they have lived a life of continuous fear and abject subjugation of discrimination and humiliation. No where to go and no one to come to their rescue and support, they have tried and have miserably failed. There is always that time in any society’s journey of life, things comes together and becomes the harbinger of such big moves, the inflexion point and great changes waiting to happen, and it happens…Surbhi, the picture is so fascinating with those raining rainbows caressing the slice of a beautiful face.

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    1. Absolutely true… when being gay became against law, I just couldn’t get it!? How can a person’s choice of who he loves be illegal? Does that make him or her a criminal? What about all the heterosexuals who commit heinous crimes all over the country?? Time we address those with stricter laws instead of archaic ones like these… hopefully, this is just the beginning… societal acceptance will still take time, but at least loving someone will not get you in jail! Glad you liked the pic 😀Took me considerable amount of time trying to find an appropriate one… there is a hidden message in the pic too… See if you can read it? Didn’t want to highlight in the story…

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      1. Indeed Surbhi, it was so ridiculous to have such law and what was more absurd was that it has been there for so many years…
        And yes with such rampant act of vandalism and open daring of rape and killing that goes with impunity. Hate seems has a better say than the power of love with the establishment…it was high time and this could well be the harbinger of dismantling of so many archaic things stuffed in our system.

        The picture indeed is intriguing and then when I read for the first time, I also thought something mysterious is mapped in the face but I couldn’t decipher…now I also tried but not able to catch it, you can give me a hint.

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