This Karwachauth….

To all the single women who are waiting to find their one love, don’t lose hope,

He, or she is out there….Till then love yourself most,

To all the newly married ones, still basking in the glow of love,

Enjoy the honeymoon period to the hilt, real life and responsibilities may engulf sometimes,

To all the ones who have been married for a while now,

Take time out, pamper yourself, and cherish your womanhood,

You might be taken for granted now, but remind yourself how special you are,

To all the ones for whom marriage may not be the answer,

You really need a man to dress up and dance?

Red is the colour of Power… go paint yourself and prance!

To the ones whose spouse is now a Star near the One,

Celebrate for the times together gone by, love is never limiting.

…This Karwachauth, rejoice not just the one you married,

Raise a Toast to the Woman for whom it was all created.

8 thoughts on “This Karwachauth….

  1. Love holds that key where ordinary people sometimes do things that would even surprise them, if they weren’t in love. When in love, those who can’t live without eating can suddenly forget eating. Such is the power of love. Karwa Chauth is considered a symbol of love, care and solidarity of the couple. It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Karwa chaut goes on to show that staying away from food too, can lead to quite a romantic experience!

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  2. “Raise a Toast to the Woman for whom it was all created.” Nothing can be more apt than these ending words on the eve of Karwachauth. Surbhi Rastogi once again creates magic with her words looking at the festival from the perspective of such a wide variety of women – blessing each one of them and redefining the meaning of this day of fasting for each one of them. Very nice read!

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    1. Thanks so much for these kind words Baljit.. that’s very gracious of you ! And so glad to see a guy commenting on a post mostly meant for women… Shows how secure and comfortable you are in your skin! Blessed are the women around you! Toast to more men like you!


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