Thugs of Hindostan – Movie Review

When I felt royally ‘Thugged’!

Why Aamir Khan, why? I have watched every movie of yours at least 3 times…. Some of them, I watch every single time they come on telly! What happened this time? You thought you were getting too old? Kuch toh entertaining karna hai mainstream types? Performance anxiety issues? Hua kya? Mujhe samajh hi nahi aaya…You broke my heart big time this time….Thug-e-baaz!

Amitabh Bachchan Sir, I have utmost respect for you. Even in a sinking ship of Thugs of Hindostan, you stand tall … I even cried a little bit when you pretend died in first half of the movie! And man, aren’t you fit for your age!!! For any age for that matter! Khaate kya hain aap?

Katrina Kaif, you look hawt bae… Kinda the only thing you needed to do in this movie… Are you scared of acting? Or too scared to fail? You ought to try it sometime… Otherwise you would fail anyways, sweetheart … And please, oh please don’t choose roles which require speaking ‘Shuddh Hindi’! Or learn it! Works both ways! You seemed a spy of the Angrez company in most of the movie!

Fatima Shaikh, you can do better… honestly gurl! But in your defence, you did sincerely try in most parts.  Your talent shines out in an otherwise dark cloudy sky which prevails throughout the film…

Overall, a movie with good intentions, but poor execution… This could’ve been the Hindi ‘Baahubali’, if well-made. And because I am such an optimist, and still see positive in everything, there are subtle messages in the movie which are witty. Like ‘Firaangi’ name of the character of Aamir Khan denoting Angrez, who are never trustworthy? They aren’t. Trust me. I have lived among snotty Brits for 5 years.

Of course, I still wish the movie luck coz it is a work of blood, sweat n toil… and coz it really does need the luck to succeed!

YRF – Yash Raj Films Dude, seriously? And that too after Sui Dhaaga? What were you even thinking?

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4 thoughts on “Thugs of Hindostan – Movie Review

  1. I have never been AK, AB or KK fan at all. Not of this director Vijay Krishna Acharya. Never liked Dhoom series or Tashan so I knew TOH will be a flop product. All show and no substance kind of. If I am not wrong with what I saw in the trailer it is Pirates Of The Caribbean without pirates and the Caribbean. It looked so dull and unoriginal to me. I guess it has Thugged audience’s money. Kudos to you that you watched the movie.

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    1. 😂actually… I should be given an award for watching it! Or at least refund of an afternoon wasted! I love Aamir… I actually do… so honestly didn’t expect this to be so bad… 😕 Anyways, got good laugh out of it at least! N my 3 year old enjoyed some parts of it! Maybe it should’ve been promoted as a kids movie 😂


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