De De Pyaar De Movie Review – Are modern relationships black and white?

So a real quick one as the movie is as old as Ajay Devgn now, and Bharat release is just around the corner (which I am kinda excited about given Katrina has finally given up on perfectly blow-dried hair and embraced sea-kissed frizzy waves, and is looking as gorgeous as ever … but more on that when the movie releases!)

De De Pyaar De is an interesting take on modern relationships being shades of black, white, purple and grey. It talks about separation, divorce, single parenthood, live-ins, age-inappropriate romances, monogamy, cheating and finally, love having no boundaries.

It is a story of a 50-something man (Ajay Devgn) falling in love with a 20-something woman (Rakul Preet), and she infusing happiness into his otherwise mundane existence of corporate mergers and venture capitalism. They believe it to be a passing phase but it turns out not to be, and he decides it’s time she meets his estranged family and ex-wife (Tabu).

Of course, as expected, all hell breaks loose when he gets the girl who is the age of his daughter home. Drama ensues, and each character whether it is Dadi or Dada, Jimmy Shergill, Samdhiji…. all play their parts decently well.

But the star of the show is most definitely Tabu. She has delivered her role of an ex-wife to the T. Her comic timing when she ties rakhi to her ex is perfect. Her speech on how her ex-husband wasn’t the only reason their marriage couldn’t survive is even better. This lady always takes the cake whether it is Cheeni Kum, Andhadhun, and now this one. She most definitely wears the pants in this house. Which she very well shows when it is she who gets her husband’s love interest back into his life at the end of the movie.

Also, more so because Ajay Devgn is shown as spineless coward who is totally confused about his feelings all through the movie. Don’t know about Rakul Preet, but I sure want to punch him at places! Which probably means he did his job well :p

Rakul Preet is fresh and interesting, and portrays a young, modern woman who is unapologetic about her choices- whether it is drinking, dancing or dating a much older man.

You cannot help falling off the seat laughing at Javed Jaffri’s crisp dialogues, who plays the shrink friend in the movie.

Overall a fun one time watch. If only the songs were slightly better…. !

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