Coz you shape lives….

‘Did you write this story?’ asked Raina Ma’am.

‘Y-yes, Ma’am’ replied the little girl meekly.

The teacher was astounded by the depth of thought shown by the little mind… creativity beyond her age.

‘Hmm… I am not taking you to the Principal this time for not concentrating in the class. But next time, you can write during your free time, ok? Not during the class. And show me each one of your stories, ok? ’ she reprimanded with a stern voice but twinkle in her eyes.

‘T-thank you Ma’am!’ replied the girl with tears welling up in her eyes. She was grateful at not being hauled off to Principal’s office.

Over the years, every single time she wrote a story, she would show it to her Ma’am… the one whose eyes had excused her that day.

Today, as this year’s Booker Prize winners were announced, the dedication page in the once little girl’s prize winning book said,

‘To My Teacher,

The One Who Taught Me to Forgive,

And Let My Imagination Fly.’

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