Chhichhore Movie Review – Are you happy? Or just successful?

Chhichhore is a mast watch- nope, that’s not a typo! It is MAST! I laughed out loud through the movie (and cried a lil bit too…).

The movie is about a group of friends who meet in the engineering college, and friendships that last a lifetime. Hostel masti, dunk fights, sports rivalries and crushes- it does transport you into your college days. Agreed, it is no 3 Idiots. But it is a sweet attempt at recreating the good old college days with an important message.

The movie starts with a young man waiting for his engineering entrance results. The movie is set in a very real scenario of many households today – the parents are divorced and sharing custody, and the young man, who lives under the shadow of his over-achieving father, is eagerly waiting for his results.

Unfortunately, the result does not meet his expectations and like many youngsters we see nowadays, he attempts suicide. This is where the movie starts when the father starts telling the tale of how it is not always the winning which is important but the effort which we put in doing the task.

I believe the movie has a very important message. Apart from the laughs over hostel time masti which we can all relate to, the movie also transported me to the entrance exam times and the pressures we all have experienced one time or the other. Not making it to our coveted college was devastating for many of us. Maybe not as devastating as this, but still we all went through our dark times trying to cope with this failure.

10 years and much more life experience later, you realise that failure is just one of many disappointments which life throws in your face. There will be interviews which you will fail, clients you will lose, loved ones who will move away, friends who might backbite and much more heartbreak. This entrance may not seem all that important then. And there is always next time. Always a chance to start over again. Pick your pieces, and be stuck like a dope with that thing called hope J

I believe the movie is a must watch for all the parents and children simply because in the end it teaches what is important in life – being happy. Not that rank, not that title, not that position but being happy.

So ask yourself today, with all your worldly possessions, are you happy?

As for the movie, watch it just for Sexa – Varun Sharma, who has clearly stolen the show from under Sushant Singh Rajput and Shraddha Kapoor’s nose. The characters are relatable, but Shraddha is just a wallflower… could have been easily replaced by any other. But trying not to get feminist on the useless role of the female character here: p

Overall, worth once watch 😀

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