The Women That We Are…

While reading all the posts in this series, I realised I don’t just want to write about the woman that I am, but the woman we all are. Due to our social conditioning since childhood, most women spend their lives being the best version of what others want them to be, not who they actually are. We want to be the best daughter, the best sister, the best wife, the best mother, the best friend. The best self? In all these roles, that is very well forgotten.

The woman that I am today is not afraid of being who she is – she is aware of her strengths and her flaws. She is not perfect and neither is she aiming to be – perfection is just a mirage meant to drive us to insanity. She is a daughter who may not call her parents for days but the care in heart never decreases. She is the wife who might tell your flaws but she is also the one who will be the rock behind you all the while. She is the wicked witch mother who will push you passionately to your goals but if you do falter, she will always be there to comfort your every sorrow. She is still struggling to find her potential but she is also comfortable in her own skin.

So Women, Awaken the Power Within, Unleash Your Inner Goddess, Step Out and Shine!

Be Holy, Be Hellfire,

Be Protector, Be Destroyer,

Be Power, Be Poise,

Be Passion, Be Calm,

Be Happy, Be Blue,

Be Forgiveness, Be Faith,

Be Pleasure, Be Pain,

Be Love, Be Light,

Be Cruel, Be Kind,

Be Deserving, Be Divine,

Be Vulnerable, Be Impregnable,

Be the woman who stands up for what is right,

Be the woman who others fear to fight.

Don’t be afraid to be the woman they stop and stare,

After all, they haven’t seen a Walking Goddess in a while!




“This post is a part of ‘The Woman That I Am’ Blog Hop #TheWomanThatIAm organized by Rashi Roy and Manas Mukul #RRxMM. The Event is sponsored by Kraffitti.”


117 thoughts on “The Women That We Are…

  1. Surabhi you have rekindled the fire within me. Yes, I do possess all these qualities. They arrive at an unknown time. An effort to be this woman would define myself. Let the external not define us, instead tread the path keeping in mind these qualities. I will surely be reading it many more times. It is a fiery post!

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  2. Powerpack one indeed! Short, crisp and inspiring. Good to see you chose to become the voice of all the women and write something so wonderful on our behalf. This should inspire many. Am happy you participated in this blog hop and wrote this one for us 🙂

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